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Ebay Underground Selling System

You’ve probably heard the hype and all the success stories surrounding ecomm these days. It seems like everyone and their mother are selling you a course that promises easy riches are right around the corner from just running a few ads and dropshipping some product.

If you’ve never tried e-commerce before or if you have and had trouble finding any success and found yourself just wasting a bunch of money on expenses that never broke even then working with and learning from Roger D. and Barry Plaskow and their VIP Ebay Underground Sales (EBUS) system could be the answer to building your own online business.

Key Features Of EBUS

Done For You Service

DFY Products Make Starting To Sell Easy Even For A Complete Newbie to E-Commerce.

No One Left Behind Training

Barry Plaskow is passionate that no one will fall behind.  Detail instructions and excellent support answer all the questions you might have.

Access To Over 1.5 Million Products

Have access to over 1 million locally shipped products from the private EBUS database.

Multiple Training Sessions and Masterminds

While the course is great for beginners once you understand the basics the training continues so you can grow your business.

EBUS Ebay Underground Sales System Benefits

Very Newbie Friendly

A lot of marketers and ‘gurus’ claim to care about their students, but how many times have you been in a course and the interest in the students is only their to get them in and then it feels like the marketers are onto promoting something new that is the ‘missing’ key to your success?

Barry Plaskow’s courses are different in that he is able to combine newbie friendly step by step instructions and is willing to add more training if there are sticking points for his students.

Along with being very newbie friendly he also gives high level tactics that will allow everyone to go further than just getting started.

Step by Step Set Up on Ebay

One of the hardest things about selling on any platform is getting all of the little details right that can make the difference between success and failure. The Underground Ebay VIP package will guide you step by step to QUICKLY getting set up to sell.

And once you learn how to set things up quickly the first time it will just be a matter of adding more products to take advantage of the free traffic that you can easily get on Ebay.

Access To A Growing Database of Over 1.5 Million Products

This is huge.  And not just a huge database, but also a huge benefit.  

Their Done For You (DFY) product catalog is massive and they are always adding to it.

And these are items that will ship from the United States, as opposed to the traditional Aliexpress / Shopify style of e-commerce that can take weeks for a customer's order to actually arrive.

Low Competition

Not no-competition, but Ebay has a lot less competition than selling on Amazon.  Also, unlike on Amazon, Ebay isn’t actively trying to compete with you for sales.

If you have ever sold on Amazon by FBA you know that half of the battle is finding items that Amazon isn’t also selling, and hoping that when you find a winner that Amazon doesn’t decide to compete against you and drive your profits into the ground.

The EBUS DFY products are limited in the number of sellers that have access to each product, so you don't have to worry that you will be competing with every other person going through the same training.

A System Based On Repeatable and Sustainable Results

With a massive catalog of products to choose from and training that will teach you how to tap into the free traffic Ebay has for the taking when you find a winner you will be able to sustain and grow your business by repeating the steps and adding more products to generate more sales. 

Easy To Follow Step By Step Tutorials

If you’ve ever been on one of Barry’s webinars or training sessions you know that he is passionate about everyone being successful and no one being left behind.

And the training for VIP EBUS Program are no different.

Step by step tutorials show you have to get set up for success with Ebay.

What products to look for that will have the best chance of success on Ebay.

And, how to make listings that attract visitors and convert them to sales.

You will be learning how to maximize your sales on Ebay right from the start without having to try and figure everything out on your own.

EBUS Provides Amazing Support

The support from Barry Plaskow's company, Really Successful, is top notch.

I’ve been through a number of Really Successful courses and anytime there has been a problem their support is right on top of it. Usually, within just a few hours or reaching out to support I have had a solution to my problems emailed to me.

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EBUS Ebay Underground Sales System Drawbacks

Cost of EBUS

As far as the price goes, the Ebay Underground Sales System is in the mid-level of what you might expect to pay.  

For example, earlier in 2020 there was the KIBO Code that taught a very similar style of online selling and DFY products using Shopify stores that sold for around $2497, so compared to that the the price of $697 is amazing.  And unlike the KIBO Code you aren't going to need a large ad budget on top of the price of the course to start seeing results.

There are cheaper options to learning how to do this, but they aren't as comprehensive, nor do they give you access to the products that you will need to start making sales.  Frankly, the time it will take you to figure out what to sell, find suppliers and everything else could derail you from taking action and seeing results.

You could figure this out on your own, but are you really going to?  And if you could why haven't you already?  I have fallen into this trap before and spent weeks trying to figure something out and ended up making a lot of mistakes and wasting a lot of time that I could have been using to build my business.

And if you have been selling online, the price is worth it just for access to a private database of locally shipped products that you can sell with very little competition.

Will You Take Action?

Roger and Barry are providing a formula that has worked for many of their students. They are giving you a playbook and all the tools you need to succeed.

Are you going to do the work?

It’s not difficult work, but if you don’t take action, or if you treat what they are teaching as mere theory then of course you won't see any results.

Buying the course isn't going to prove you are an action taker, doing the work in the course is what matters.  And only you know if you are going to actually go through the training and implement what you learn.  If selling physical products online is something you want to do, then this is a great course for you.  If you never really thought of selling physical products and are just lured by the stories of success other people have had, then maybe that is a sign that you should pursue a business model closer to your actual interests. 

Only you know if you are going to actually take action, but it's going to be up to you, so this could be a benefit of the course instead of a drawback.

Final Thoughts on The Ebay Underground Sales VIP Program

EBUS is the kind of course I would have loved to have had access to a few years ago when I was first starting out selling physical products online. 

Selling online is awesome. The feeling when you make your first sale is amazing, and if you have been struggling to actually get started, this is a course I would highly recommend.

Roger and Barry are amazing teachers who understand how to teach people to have their first successes online… along with the knowledge to take that first success and grow it.

And they are teaching Ebay, a great platform that gets overlooked by many people who focus on doing e-comm through Amazon and Shopify.
Ebay is known for helping giving beginner sellers a boost, to get you excited and eager to continue selling with them.

They have over 155 Million buyers that visit the site, which is a huge amount of organic traffic that you can tap right into.

Ebay also has great SEO weight, meaning it’s quite likely your listings could show up on Google, giving you access to more highly targeted free organic buyers.

The margins on Ebay can be greater on average than selling through Amazon.  And Ebay doesn't compete against their sellers and force you to compete with them on price.  It's not uncommon to have a successful listing on Amazon become unprofitable, or even having to sell at a loss just to compete against the razor thin margins Amazon is willing to sell a product for.

So if you are looking to get into selling online Roger and Barry's Ebay Underground Sales system is a great way to learn how to profitably sell physical products and start making some money online.

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